Job Position: ESL Tutors needed for Japanese learners on Skype
Job Details: My name is Scarlett and I live in Wilmington, NC. I own a small business that is growing quite rapidly called I give English conversation classes to people in Japan on Skype. Currently, I have around 400 students. I have about 30 current tutors but it is not near enough. I have over 1800 classes that are prepaid and I am looking to hire 20 more tutors. I am in need of teachers or tutors who would like to earn extra money. One of my teachers was accepted into the JET program. He found it invaluable to work here in a small way to prepare for what was coming in Japan. I also think that this might be very helpful for JET Alumni re-acclimating themselves to their home country. Or like me, an older woman who looks back affectionately on my time in Japan and sees my conversations as a way to re-connect with the culture I know and appreciate so well.
This job pays $12 per 55 minute class completed and is paid through PayPal on a weekly basis. The tutors make their own schedule of when they would like to give classes. The job is “located” on Skype ~ a free computer application.
Here is more information about the positions and how to apply: Hello! For new ESL Tutors
I have had previous success hiring alumni of the JET Program and would love to hire more.