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Thread: Overqualified for JET?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwkelley View Post
    I have seen people with online degree be extremely skilled at there jobs and certified teachers suck. For the most part I think its random and related more to how open the person is to adapt and learn from the situation. I also would not call people without certs teachers unless they have been working in the field for 7 years or more.

    Hell my best JTE did not even study English in college she just watched shiploads of Seseme Street.
    What the hell is wrong with you?
    Also, have you never heard of commas?

    I find it ironic that people are always going on about being "overqualified" for ALT work but many ALTs can't string together a coherent sentence.
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    Ah, Zero, I love having you around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmotech View Post
    You're talking about ALTs right? Extremely skilled at their job involved standing upright. Barking on command is at genius level.
    Actually I speak mostly from my experience in Korea. There I did the ALT thing, taught college level (which i was horrid at, surprise), taught Juku and a few other things. I taught with and shared students with a wide degree of teachers/instructors so it was easy to make judgments.
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    Default Re: Overqualified for JET?

    Unless you've just had a stroke and forgotten English, you're probably overqualified for JET.
    I thought it was time to use a sig

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    Did you teach in Korea in a program or did you find the job yourself?

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    I found one off Daves ESL cafe.

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