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    Hello all. So I assumed I could print out a full transcript from my online uni service. Having done so, I went about to get it stamped and signed (as it says on the Jet website), but my uni finance building wouldn't do it and told me to order an official one. I've just paid 20 quid and the email I got says 20 days or more delivery estimate during peak times.

    Am I screwed? Does everyone here applying have a vellum bound official transcript or are there other ways I can go about this? On the website it says your personal tutor can write you up one, has anyone gone for this option?

    Oh noes, I've got everything sorted but now have to wait 3 weeks and hopefully 'just' make the deadline...

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    Also does it make a difference if you get your application in moments before the deadline or have sent it early. Do they all get treated equally?

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    You have to have at least one official copy. You're allowed to photocopy to get the other copies you need. It also doesn't matter if you get it in right before the deadline, but you wouldn't have had a problem if you had read the directions more carefully.

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    If your university aren't tards, you might be able to get them to rush it. We all had to do this, which is really annoying. 20$ isn't that much, especially when you need to order multiple sets for various things (besides JET) at the same time....
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    Yeah I rang them up and the woman sounded hopeful of it arriving before the deadline. Also I might be able to get my personal tutor to write me up a custom transcript (as it says on the website) as a backup in case it doesn't arrive in time.

    I would've ordered this last week, but it's only since I went to get my print out stamped as it said on the JET to do as an alternative that they said they couldn't do it. Then I found out it takes 20 days for an official one to arrive.

    Nail biting time ....

    Also another question. It says put a covering letter about exams in January. I have 1 exam in Jan, but the timetable doesn't get posted on it until Dec. Is this just a case of hoping they don't clash? How are other people resolving this?
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    Try going to your university registrar's office. Most universities are able to print you an official copy within minutes (I received mine in less than 5 minutes at 2 of my Universities, and received another from another school in less than a week)

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