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    I was just wondering if anybody had any idea how the housing works. I've heard it varies from branch to branch. Some people seemed to have gotten a choice, while others were just offered a leopalace and that was their "choice". much help do they really provide you with? Is it really a choice? What if you reject all their "choices" then how will they help you?

    I personally, don't really like leopalaces that much, but I get the feeling I'll be living in one .

    Yeah, I know this is a little soon to be asking, but it's been something I've been wondering xD.

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    Depends on the branch.

    I worked with Hiroshima branch. The "choice" they gave me was between several Leo Palace apartments, in the same building... I was told that if I didn't take one of those apartments I would have to find my own place, and they refused to sign as my guarantor.

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    I know someone who had done his own research through LeoPalace (they have a website and everything) and you can find one that you want and ask them about it.
    He didnt have a problem and they worked with him, he has to pay a little more, but it is a little bigger then the one they wanted to give him.
    But to my understanding interac tries to put you in the best place between all your schools? I would just let them do it the first year and if you decide to stay and after you get whats going on find your own place.

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