Basically, the short of it is when my time on JET finished last August I went back to America and promptly filled out all the paperwork for my refund. However, I opted to use my Japanese bank account (with an inkan from the bank and everything) as the designated account for deposit.

The reason being that I knew I was coming back in September to attend university here. When I left the country in August, I did not keep my gaijin card and had my passport stamped with the 'exit country' stamp and immigration.

So I got back to the states, filed the paperwork and sent it away. Then I hung around America for a while before I came back to Japan and enrolled in a university here on a brand new student visa. That is where I am now.

My concern is in the paperwork it states the four conditions to get the refund are:

① You are not a Japanese citizen.
② You have paid the National Pension contributions (as a CategoryⅠinsured person) for a total of six months or more
including; a) number of month you paid full amount contribution, b) 3/4 of your coverage periods exempt from 1/4
contribution payment, c) half of your coverage periods exempt from half contribution payment, and d) 1/4 of your
coverage periods exempt from 3/4 contribution payment. Or you have coverage periods under the Employees’ Pension
Insurance system for six months or more.
③ You are not resident in Japan.
④ You have never been entitled to any Japanese public pension, including the Disability Allowance.

This makes me really nervous about getting the refund, as I am temporary resident now on my student visa, but I wasn't when I filed for the refund. I know it has not yet been the full 6 months they tell you to wait, but funds are threadbare around here so I will be pinned in a tough spot if it turns out I can't get the money.

Anyone have any info on all this? I know it is a rather specific question, but I thought it worth giving a shot.

Thanks ahead of time.