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Thread: A reason to panic? Still no email from Interac

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    Default A reason to panic? Still no email from Interac

    So some background. At the beginning of February I received a call from Interac stating that I had passed the initial screening stage. He asked me a couple questions (I misheard one because of the crappy reception) and then told me because they were in the middle of their hiring period, I should expect to receive an email from them with information about the phone interview near the end of the month/beginning of March. I wouldn't be worried, but my friends who have applied to Interac have already received emails to set up appointments for the phone interview. Is it possible to mess up this stage?? He said that I would be getting an email, but not at this point in time (my friends got it within couple minutes of their call) because it was the off season. Was this code for "No, you're not getting the phone interview?". My application was really strong (to me) so I'm rather confused. I've sent an email to their head office, but I haven't heard anything from them.

    Am I overreacting or am I reacting appropriately (because this means I didn't get in?)

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    Default Re: A reason to panic? Still no email from Interac

    Um, slow down? They said beginning of March right? Then they generally mean the beginning of March. The old schedule was actually nearer the end of March rather than the beginning. I assume you are talking about the USA or Canada offices, I have no idea what schedule the UK offices are on (they seem to be special...). They will call when they call. Likely they have a good chunk of people they are getting ready to call. Don't sweat it until after the beginning of March.
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    Default Re: A reason to panic? Still no email from Interac

    Yes, I'm talking about the USA/Canada offices. I have a habit of overthinking things, so thanks for the snap back to reality. I wasn't worried about it until everyone else I knew was receiving the emails right after their first phone call (saying that you had passed the initial screening). So it made me double check myself and blow everything out of proportion. So thanks for responding~

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    Default Re: A reason to panic? Still no email from Interac

    After the first call, I didn't get the email on what to review for the second call. Just call them back and tell them, they'll resend it.
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    Default Re: A reason to panic? Still no email from Interac

    haha. Ask TAmember about sitting around waiting. I think they've been waiting for placement info now for a couple of months after being "accepted"?

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    Default Re: A reason to panic? Still no email from Interac

    Don't worry. One thing that I like about interac is that they do actually bother to send rejection mails unlike so many rude companies out there.

    With the way these dispatch companies work Interac probally aren't sure how many contracts they have next year. They've probally got a good ranking of candidates but don't know how low to put the cut off for who they want and who they don't yet.
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    Default Re: A reason to panic? Still no email from Interac

    My seminar was in May. I was sent an acceptance email in June/July and I'm leaving in March (could have gone in Jan as an alternate to be fair but decided to go with the normal intake).

    Just chill lol it's gonna feel like foreverrr. Especially towards the end. I got my call about placement and training date on Monday night.
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