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    For those who participated in the demo lesson in the past, I wanted to ask you a question.

    In the videos they provided, the person speaks to the audience, pauses, assumes they followed his instruction, then continued on with the lesson. I've been doing the same thing in my lesson but based on some people's posts I'm unsure of whether or not I should be doing this. According to some people, the audience members will actually interact with you and answer your questions.

    Personally I'd prefer if they not seeing as we're being timed. I'd rather have full control over my presentation seeing as it is really just an interview in disguise. With actual kids, you have the luxury of not being judged for employment. But I'm wondering if it is beneficial to work with the audience, or will people just participate regardless of being asked, or will the interviewers expect them to participate?

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    Assume there will be at least 3 students in the room interacting with the presentation. You'll need to plan for actual responses if you get hired, so get used to it now. And it actually helps that people are watching because you get a chance to show off how you handle wrong answers.
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    I had my seminar in January, there were only two of us there and we were taken away seperately to do our demo lessons. I did the pauses and then 'well done' 'good job' etc.

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    Depends on where you're from I think. I believe in America, the other candidates will watch and you would have to pretend they're your audience. If they're nice, they should cooperate fully! In the UK there was no audience for us, we just waited our turn in another room. I asked my invisible audience questions, paused and continued as if they'd given an answer. My notes told me to show an e.g. of a correction so it was handy to have full control.

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    Agreed with above. UK = no audience, USA = Audience. Yes it is an interview and it is also a way to see how well you teach. Having full control over how you teach is an impossibility so, like zombiekelly said, get used to it now. It is not a straight up "interview" as you're thinking. The video will shown to schools. Best to think of it as an audition with ad lib aspects rather than an interview. You'll do much better if you think like that.
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