Hi all,

We ran this last year and I think a few people applied and found it useful so I'll repost this year's schedule and information.

International Academy was founded in June 1969, with the goal of improving
foreign language education and international exchange, and we have held an
important role in advancing language education. IAY is a pioneer in the field of
Japanese language education as well. Beginning Japanese language education in
1970, we have utilized our practical, quality Japanese education methods to allow
many graduates to join the international community.
【First Term】
From Jul.8 (Mon.) to Aug.2 (Fri.)
【Second Term】
From Aug.5 (Mon.) to Aug.30 (Fri.)
􀂾 Small classes with 3 to 8 students (minimum student count: 3).
􀂾 Students can enjoy learning mainly daily Japanese conversation in the right class for their level!
􀂾 Teachers can meet your requests such as “Travel Japanese”and “Business Japanese”.
􀂾 Interviews, presentations, data collection, group discussions are scheduled. By going through
practical experience, students will gain confidence in Japanese skills!
􀂾 Corrections and instructions for Japanese writing can also be provided.
􀂾 No classes on weekends/national holidays. Visit nearby cities with your international classmates!
􀂾 A variety of staff-supervised field trips such as Japanese culture experiences, short trips or
international exchange programs are prepared. *** Paid programs are borne by students.
􀂾 The first day is for class selection and an introduction event. No worries!
􀂾 Everyone receives a certificate of completion with a specified attendance rate and level.

―Time Table―
Lesson 1 9:40-10:25
Lesson 2 10:30-11:15
Lesson 3 11:20-12:05

① 2 weeks:40,000 JPY
② 3 weeks:60,000 JPY
③ 4 weeks:80,000 JPY
④ 6 weeks:120,000 JPY
⑤ 8 weeks:160,000 JPY
※Teaching material fee will be around 3,000 JPY. Actual fee.
【Accommodation Fee(Ex.)】
①Student Dorm 4 weeks:53,000JPY~(Breakfast&Dinner are surved)
②Guest House 4 weeks:25,000JPY~
③Homestay 4 weeks:72,800JPY~(Breakfast&Dinner are surved)
④Share House 4 weeks:55,000JPY~
When signing up before the end of June 7,
your membership charge & your accommodation
arrangement fee (valued at 10,500 JPY) will be waived
Above info in PDF: www.ithinkimlost.com/paul/iaycourse2013.pdf
Schedule: www.ithinkimlost.com/paul/iayschedule2013.pdf