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    Default SERVER MOVE

    Some time in the next few days our hosting provider will be moving us to a different server. You may find the site is unresponsive for a few minutes/hours. Just try again later. If you continue to have problems 24 hours after the initial disruption, please send me a mail: paul @ this site name (itil). com

    Going forward, it is likely we will be changing hosting provider. I am aiming to downscale ITIL to a more affordable platform. Times have changed and ITIL no longer requires the resources of the current server. We could save money by moving to a lower powered server.

    This hosting provider move may happen as quickly as next month, or much later. I'm still planning the best course of action.

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    Oh no! We're doomed!

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    When I read your post I suddenly feel like I am so far away from being crazy.
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    It's festivals days like these on which I really try really hard to make up for not partying in college.
    yeah, because who needs free flowing drugs and alcohol fueling adventorous sex with taut, lithe young bodies when you could wander around a dying town in the freezing cold with a can of asahi super dry in your hand while some toothless old farmer shouts at you.

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    Update: Well holy smokes that happened a LOT quicker than I expected. If you're reading this message, you're already on the new server

    Let me know of any niggles/issues.

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