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Thread: Guidebook for living in Japan

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    Default Guidebook for living in Japan

    Hey guys.

    I'm guessing this is the right spot to throw this, it's not about learning Japanese, but it is a thing that will help people get around in Japan (legalities and things). I've had a copy of this for a while now and I think it'd be a help to everyone who wants to go to Japan or is already in Japan. I've got the Kindle version, but I figured it'd be cool to post the Nook version too (please no Nook vs. Kindle flame wars, hahaha).

    Rock on.

    Kindle version:

    Nook version:
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    Default Re: Guidebook for living in Japan

    Why would I pay money for it when all the same information is available for free on his blog?

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    Default Re: Guidebook for living in Japan

    And something written by Debito about living in Japan? Who got so angry about his inability to assimilate into Japan that he left Japan to "research"? Sounds great!
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    Default Re: Guidebook for living in Japan

    Typical Uncle Tom Page response.
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    Default Re: Guidebook for living in Japan

    shine ya geta massa?
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