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Thread: Jet Programme 2014 Applicant

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    Thoughts on early departure?

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    Are you graduated? Yes
    Are you not graduated? no
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    Graduated, yes.

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    In a way it might be nicer - you get to come to the new school the same time all the other new teachers do.

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    Plus, many of the new teachers probably won't have known your predecessor, so that's a perk. You won't constantly worry about being compared to super!pred, if you have one.
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    Wanted to add to the OP that (as briefly mentioned) you may get just a general city BOE posting in June that includes several small towns. Mine is a small city (collection of towns and villages, lots of them over here) that is spread out over a lot of inaka (over an hour to cross the longest parts) so depending on where you get you might be able to get a feel for the city but you may not actually know which part is yours. You may also get a BOE that doesn't allow their ALTs to drive to work (for insurance reasons, though some BOEs ban driving completely) in which case they'd require you to live in the town as opposed to in the city center 30 minutes away. Though I imagine that BOEs like that probably wouldn't select an ALT that has a Japanese spouse, much harder to control!
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    the majority of people on jet are not straight out of college. just the ones who go on jet forums. about 60% have at least one year of post-university work experience.
    why do you want to get your own accommodation? if you don't have a good reason it's going to piss your CO off if they have a long-standing agreement with a landlord/landlady.
    be really really careful not to come off as sounding "my missus is japanese so i know all there is to know about how japan works and i'm going to gaijin-smash my way through the bits i don't agree with" - i realise that's not what you mean but they won't.
    i'm on the sunshine coast BTW - nice to see another QLDer on here.
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