Hey there. Apologies if this is a repost.
I just got my Pension Refund letter-- only it didn't discuss my pension refund, it said I had filled out the form incorrectly. It says, "see circled number for what was missing" or something to that effect, and the only number circled was 25, "See attached sheet". There were two attached sheets-- one was a blank space for my address while living in Japan, the other sheet was the first page of my application where I filled out my name and wrote out my current non-Japanese bank account/branch etc. I'm not sure what I've done wrong here. The page with the address I filled out correctly the first time, but now it's asking for things like bills to verify this address. It's been 2 years since I left Japan; I very much doubt I have any trace of my old address left in official document form. I don't think my address was even listed in the form my BOE sent me, I'm pretty sure it was my predecessor who gave it to me in an email.

The page where I filled out my personal info and bank info is covered in red marks "correcting" how I've written things. I have really good handwriting but apparently not good enough. My 7s are given the "Japanese dash" at the front of them, my 4s have been modified to look more like 4s and less like upside down h's, and apparently even my 5s were written wrong. I also had no idea that the capital D is apparently supposed to look like Đ, at least according to whoever marked up my sheet. In addition, where I wrote BRANCH#_____, the "BRANCH#" has been crossed out, along with the address, the Zip/Postal Code, and name of the account holder (me!). If I recall correctly (it's been almost a full year since I applied), I attached an official sheet from the bank with all this information, so I'm not sure if this was crossed out because the person already had that information on the bank sheet, or because I did it wrong. I should note that the name of the bank I use, the city it's in, and my bank account number were NOT crossed out (just numbers and letters "adjusted" in red, as mentioned above).

So all this to say, what did I do wrong? I really don't want to have to send this again, wait 11 months, only to have to resend it AGAIN and wait ANOTHER 11 months. Any guidance would be much appreciated. My Japanese is unfortunately too limited to call them directly. Thanks so much.