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Thread: UK JET Applicants 2014 (Locked)

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    UTIL: Assuming you are currently or formerly a JET ALT, I would have hoped that you had a better command of the English language. 'Certain people' refers to more than one person. It is plural. There is no point of contention for this in the English language.

    I'm somewhat perplexed as to how she is sourcing 'incomplete data'. Neither Constantine nor the author are conducting a statistical study. The book is presented as a subjective account of the things he witnessed as a CLAIR employee. The example you used doesn't apply because a study like that suggests a correlation between X and Y. The book states only 'facts'. As a result, Constantine essentially compares her own experiences to what she has read, in the effort of 'updating' the book.
    Furthermore, many of the things mentioned in the book have been verified.
    The paper application is points based.
    By JET's own admission, a strong interest in Japan will increase your chances; as stated in the book.

    In the blog post itself, very rarely does Constantine make her own assumptions.

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    All right, this needs to end. I appreciate you guys being relatively civil with one another, but this sort of discussion is not particularly appropriate for Applying. The relevant points have been made; everyone's position is well-understood. Let's cool off for a bit or take it to The Lounge for escalation. I'm gonna lock this thread for a bit.
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