Got an email this morning with the info for the US application, but it's not up on the website. I'll attach links here for whoever wants to get started but didn't get the email. See you all when I finish filling this out.

1. Read: The 2014 Application Guidelines thoroughly.

2. Gather: Required Documents and other supplemental forms. Be sure to read instructions carefully and submit all necessary documents.

3. Apply Online: Fill out Online Form* (the best browser to use for completing the application is Internet Explorer). It can be saved and completed in stages. Once you have answered all questions, select the option to Check Your Application. After reviewing your answers, you will be able to submit online. After submitting, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email, please log in to your account and check that you have submitted the online form.
*Please disregard the message in red at the top of the Online Form homepage which states that the application is offline for maintenance. The application IS currently available.