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    I think that pretty much sums it up doesn't it?
    Quote Originally Posted by Cytrix View Post
    Organising anything with ALTs is like herding cats on catnip

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    We Jeeperneez are express all emotion through money. Wedding is happy money. Funeral is sad money. Izakaya is friendship money. Girl-bar is almost-sex money. But babby-borning is bery happy money, as no babby in Japan. All babby is special so we is givings much money as presento for babby.

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    is there supposed to be one and word got high and deleted it by accident or have we never had one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrael View Post
    word got high
    I wish.

    No idea; I don't currently have server access, though, so this one's beyond my abilities.
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    When I read your post I suddenly feel like I am so far away from being crazy.
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    It's festivals days like these on which I really try really hard to make up for not partying in college.
    yeah, because who needs free flowing drugs and alcohol fueling adventorous sex with taut, lithe young bodies when you could wander around a dying town in the freezing cold with a can of asahi super dry in your hand while some toothless old farmer shouts at you.

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    It was there at some point, will see if it can be restored from a backup

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    still no movement on this? Seeing as you make people fill out a form with name, date of birth, email address etc to sign up to the site you might want to keep this in mind. Dont want to fall foul of the ICO and the data protection act
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    I thought this was fixed. Will work on it now.

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    The text is there now, it just needs formatted nicely.

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