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    When and where do we send it? Can someone help link me to the JET Program (USA) site that gives us directions?

    I've been trying to find it but haven't been successful. I've received mine back already, and just wanted to send it in ASAP.

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    When you get it, you should open it, make two copies, and send it to the embassy (same address as where you sent your application). If you're a criminal or early departure you should be sending it ASAP. Otherwise you don't need to send it until later.

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    Do they let you open it now? When I did it, we had to send them the sealed envelope (that's why I ordered two).
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    Do they let you open it now? When I did it, we had to send them the sealed envelope (that's why I ordered two).
    Open and copy. I sent the envelope along with it, since the actual papers have no security features to speak of.
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