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Thread: What in the blue fuck?.... AMTs, AATs and the ALT.

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    Default What in the blue fuck?.... AMTs, AATs and the ALT.

    Yeah, I'm at school on a Saturday - strangely enough I have lessons too.

    Does anyone else have a 3 teacher set up in their English classes? This is the most moronic thing that the Japanese teaching system has come up with yet.

    For the new Ichi-Nenseis we will be literally platoon teaching the kids as opposed to the normal team-teaching set up. Because (so I've been told) MEXT requires the students be taught English (and other subjects) in smaller groups, they've decided to leave the classes in full size and instead have two teachers. Sounds good, except the other teacher in addition to the ALT and the JTE is either the Music teacher or the Art teacher neither of whom can barely write letalone speak any English. Why? What is the fucking point? So far we've had one lesson like this and all they did was confuse the ichinensei in that oh so difficult task of writing your name in romaji - well its difficulty is compounded when the ALT tells you to dot the i and AMT tells you not to.

    Though I'm not based at this school, I only alternate between this one and another I can sort of see the reasoning.

    But I can't see the reasoning in their teacher choice, true those two may have more time but why not pick the NOVA educated English speakers in the staff room with (IMHO) equal amounts of free periods.

    Hmm, this has turned into quite the rant.

    Anyone else seen this?

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    That sucks! I've done a couple of lessons with more than one JTE or more than one ALT in the room, and I've always hated it, even though everyone involved could speak great English.

    Too many cooks spoil the broth, as they say. It was bad enough doing a lesson with two JTE's yesterday, even though they were both good teachers.
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    why do you care exactly? Its a saturday for fucks sake, go sit at the back and let the japs fuck it up while you nurse your hangover.
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