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Thread: Good site for clear grammar explanations

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    Default Good site for clear grammar explanations

    Grammar Bytes! Grammar Instruction with Attitude

    This has a lot of grammatical terms explained in a much simpler way than most other sites I've come across. Doesn't rely on using grammatical terminology to explain grammatical terminology.

    It has a lot of example sentences as well which I find useful.

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    Default Re: Good site for clear grammar explanations

    Interesting explanations. I like the creativity in the examples.

    I will say I don't like all its terms though... Fused sentence should really be linked from Run-On. Also the suggested fixes are kinda stupid, given they could've just simplified it down to while.

    English Language Centre Study Zone: Welcome!

    This one is a bit more technical, but I like it's explanations better.
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    Default Re: Good site for clear grammar explanations

    Interesting and very usefull.. Nice post!

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