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I guess it depends on where you're getting your fingerprints from. I was able to do my fingerprints on regular printer paper at my local police station. I was told to call the person requesting the prints to make sure it was acceptable. I called the IRS and they told me regular printer paper was fine.

The funny part is they made you bring your own form at this police department, but then in order to print it they had to fold my fingerprint card and tape it to a real card to get it to go through the printer.... They couldn't just use that card? I mean $20 for prints should cover a sheet of paper as well...

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Well then I really hope printer paper is okay, because I just had my prints done at the police station in Korea, and there definitely wasn't any card stock. I did have then do it twice. My Korean friend told them that if the prints weren't very good, I'd have to come back and do it again. They tried REALLY hard the second copy. Dedication to good work or dislike of foreigners? Who knows. Just hope it goes through!

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