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Thread: Jet Program where no Japanese will speak normally with me :(

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    Being a 5'1" dude, I compulsively go out to buy clothing that will actually fit OTR that I can wear back in the land of the way too big. Incidentally, I have also discovered that those people who work the floor at retail shops, at malls especially, make the most effortless Japanese conversation and practice partners I've ever had. Bars were probably my first good practice experience, and I still go from time to time, but I'd say it's best mostly for brushing up on slangy abrasive speech.

    I tend to see it as making the intense service culture work in your favor... in that role they ABSOLUTELY MUST be pleasant, courteous, and most importantly, not awkward/nervous/standoffish/toocoolforschool.

    If you're into giggly 22 year olds, those cute girls that Starbucks Japan insists on hiring will also talk your ear off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by interioround View Post
    My BOE is pressuring me to do an Eikaiwa for zangyo time instead of salary. There is another ALT in my town who has been doing an Eikaiwa class. She has told me a lot of older women come in who fervently speak English. It doesn`t surprise me as I`ve been approached a few times in my town by older people wanting to speak English. Just my luck.
    Again, the problem is that they are approaching you. Japan is not a country of socially forward people. Japanese people don't approach or talk to strangers for no reason, almost ever (this is one of those things that Europeans get that I think Americans have more trouble adjusting to). Therefore the only Japanese people who will approach you are people who are only approaching you to practice English.

    Actually you could learn from their example. They have the balls to break out of their comfort zone and approach a random person who might be a crazy knifist. If we want to meet people we've got to do the same.

    If your town is actually full of people who want to speak English then it is unique in Japan and you're the unluckiest person ever. Once you've been here for a bit longer you'll probably realise just how few people care about English or have any language ability whatsoever. The people who do want to speak English are the most noticeable right now because they're the only ones trying to talk to you I'll bet.

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    Thank you guys for the advice. I will try to be more outgoing

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