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Thread: Flight to Tokyo

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeckyJones View Post
    why are you worried about this? jeez. your hand will be held the entire way from your consulate meet up til the hotel. Sit back, drink a beer or 20 on the plane and relax.
    hell, after tokyo orientation your hand will be held to your apartment. so get drunk, and enjoy the ride.
    The JET Programme, sending professional youths to the backarse of nowhere since the 1980`s...

    ... but I agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcharisma View Post
    I don't understand how someone can feel so aggrieved by the offer of a free, yet possibly indirect Trans-Pacific flight.

    Be thankful you're getting your flight paid for and go and enjoy your last few months before departure.
    Yes, because inquiring as to how things work out of curiosity is being ungrateful and aggrieved.

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    I think that the OP's question has been answered sufficiently, so I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread.

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