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    For students you just pretend to like the same things that they all pretend to like. That's what they all do and that way you don't have to subject yourself to the supreme awfulness that is Japanese music.
    Hah, this. My kids will ask me which member of X group I like and I just point at a random one, it usually doesn't get much more deep than that.

    Some kids know foreign music but it's kind of random. I know of 2 girls that know/like TS and that's about it. At my school, anyway, they're over Lady GaGa and don't care about Avril. If the foreign music is on Japanese TV at some point they're more likely to know them, until SHS that seems to be where kids get their music tastes from.

    Re: hating KARA, because of some radio interview I think I remember hearing on the news? Korean people on social media may be the worlds biggest assholes and apparently enjoy ruining Korean bands?
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    Kara became unpopular for a whole bunch of reasons that would make you want to stab your brain out if I told you. They've just fallen out of fashion really, but they took some kicking on the way down. I think a big part of it is they were a Korean group trying very hard to be a Japanese group and in the recent barrage of nationalism that was not a great position to be in.

    They don't really have any talent compared to SNSD either.

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    But they have way more talent than most Japanese groups so it's obviously not talent that was their problem :P
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    Eh. Talent is not so important for Japanese idols because they try to cultivate this "little sister" type thing where you are supposed to be rooting for them to do well or whatever. So J-idols sustain their popularity through fan interaction and variety shows and whatnot, which is something kara were not really able to do, though their Japanese is fairly decent. Japanese people who are into kpop aren't looking for something different from jpop idols, so kara don't really have the appeal there either.

    Eh, they probably aren't disliked in Japan particularly, just not popular now that their popularity has waned. But I think the Koreans view them fairly contemptuously at this point.

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