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Thread: Fukushima questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeckyJones View Post

    just like earlier, if you can't handle any more negative comments you need to cancel coming to Japan and skip JET. If your skin is this thin, YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE LIVING IN JAPAN

    If you think this is negative, you haven't seen anything yet...
    It probably seems like a stretch to newbies that the regulars keep saying that worrying about people being mean on the internet means you aren't suited for Japan, but it's true. If you get upset by something that small then you aren't going to handle the culture shock and possibly nasty things your BoE/Teachers/Local people will do to you. Bad things may happen to you here, extremely stressful thinks absolutely will happen to you. People need to be tough. They need to be able to deal with the fact that everything isn't going to be nice for them all the time. If you can't, you genuinely won't have a good time coming to Japan.

    So I know these sentiments seems like unnecessary meanness but there's a lot of truth in them.

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    The short version, monitoring of local food (and the area) is taken very seriously and published in city newsletters as well as online (I live hours away but it's done in mine, too). If you want to avoid food from the area all produce is required to list where it's from. And if that doesn't help here's a report from the UN: Cancer And Death by Radiation? Not From Fukushima - Forbes

    We can't (and don't want to) persuade anyone who's just looking for a reason not to come to Tohoku but there is absolutely no danger in living in Sendai (or in Fukushima, it's not like you're going to be ALTing in Daiichi or the danger zones).
    Quote Originally Posted by Ini
    If you are a empty husk of a man with no ambition come on jet, stay forever, drink yourself into a stupor every night, hurl abuse at people on itil like a roided up chimp at the feces olympics and die of thyroid cancer in your early 40s.

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    eating the processed crap from 7/11 will give you cancer a lot quicker than eating any fresh food from fukushima.
    Great men of action never mind on occasion being ridiculous; in a sense it is part of their job.

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    Let's keep this thread on topic, guys. Good information about Fukushima is probably going to be important to a lot of incoming JETs.

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