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Thread: Electric bicycles?

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    Default Re: Electric bicycles?

    Quote Originally Posted by mrcharisma View Post
    So in real life you aren't petulant, semi-literate and completely unable to laugh at yourself?

    Great! Let's have a beer.
    Interesting observation, Bagpipe.

    Enlightening. Really.

    Sorry my proclivity of not proofreading bothers you so, shall I start including "<read: sarcasm>" when I am laughing at myself or not being serious?

    Ah screw it, I don't even have time to proofread. <read: sarcasm>
    Everything I have ever said was a lie, and that's the truth.

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    Default Re: Electric bicycles?

    Come again?
    Great men of action never mind on occasion being ridiculous; in a sense it is part of their job.

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