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Thread: Eyedrops for Dry/Lasered Eyes Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by zombiekelly View Post
    Not sure about the import procedures, but my local drugstore had several colors of Visine.
    Thanks! I have never tried visine, I'll google it

    coop52, well they are quite strict with the tampon quantities, so you know, don't want to mix up my illegal eye drops and sanitary items, I'd be breaking two import laws in one go

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    Just in case anyone reads this thread in the future, I emailed the Medicinal Inspection and Guidance Division who deal with the Yakken Shoumei with my eye drop questions and received this response:

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    They are regarded prescribed medications. You can bring the two for one month supply without Yakkan Shoumei.

    When you use one vial for one eye a day, it means the limit is 60 vials.

    Thus, you can bring two boxes each.


    Medicinal Inspection and Guidance DivisionKanto Shinetsu Regional Bureau of Health and Welfare

    So I can bring four boxes in total, and no form. Woohoo

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