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Thread: Upgrading your flight to Japan

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    Default Re: Upgrading your flight to Japan

    Quick thing about upgrading... you can upgrade IF there is space on the plane. Sometimes the flights are rather packed. The 777 I flew over on was full. So full the staff were apologizing to two of the JETs because they didn't physically fit (not enough leg room) in the seats they had been assigned (both guys were at nearly the 7 feet tall mark).
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    Default Re: Upgrading your flight to Japan

    Business class is rarely ever full though!
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    Business class is fairly non-existent these days, anyway. Last time I flew, there were maybe ten rows of seats for business; the rest were either economy or first class.
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    Also, you sure as shit can get an upgrade from a gate agent - if there are any available. If there is a standby list, then its pretty unlikely, as it means the flight is overbooked. Also, as long as you aren't a new frequent flier account, you are more likely to get an upgrade than someone who hasn't flown with the airline before.
    I didn't say it was impossible or that you can't. It's just that once you're at the gate it's VERY VERY unlikely unless, as I said, you're incredibly good looking (and lucky) or have elite status. Rarely do transpac flights go out these days with business class seats empty (or really any seats empty during the summer), if there isn't a revenue passenger in that seat who paid $3-4K for it, there's a whole list of top tier elites who get complimentary upgrades, mid and lower tiers with coupons or miles they want to use, etc sitting on the upgrade list.

    In the unlikely event that there are seats and no upgrade requests, they'll either let them go empty or offer them to pretty much anyone that's more important that a JET (which as you find out in Japan means everyone). That carrier's elites, alliance elites, full fare Y economy passengers, etc before finally getting back to the weeaboos flying on their deep discount ticket that CLAIR bought them. Route into and out of Japan are chock full of business people. Business people worth flying to Asia generally fly a lot, or have company travel departments that spend lots of money and the airline wants to keep that business. It's not a non-zero chance of getting upgraded at the gate, but it's pretty damn low. By the time the plane is boarding, you've had lots of chances to throw buckets of money at the airline, if you're not willing to do it they're gonna put someone in that premium seat who will or at least has a solid history of sending lots of business their way.
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    Atlanta at least is flying on American Airlines this year.

    Yes, pretty sure Atlanta almost always flies ATL-DFW-NRT on American.

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    Default Re: Upgrading your flight to Japan

    clair pays out the ass for the tickets. if it goes by who paid the most then the JETs would win that fight.
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    Not by fare bucket they don't. CLAIR may pay Kintetsu a lot, but they're booking them in deep discount.

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