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Thread: Questions about furniture and interior design...

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    You can get a decent TV from any of the 2nd hand shops (2nd Street, Hard Off, Manga-Soko) and such, a TV of a decent size won't cost you much over 3man if you shop around.

    As for the rest of that stuff, if it's the BoE stuff then you might have a bit of a hard time getting rid of it without upsetting the office a little. Best to ask your pred...
    Yeah, her reaction to me asking about a place I could buy furniture probably says it all... I didn't want to push the issue as my pred has been absolutely amazing (I sincerely doubt anyone has ever has a pred even half as helpful as mine). I hope I can feel this situation out while simultaneously avoiding ruffling too many feathers. However, that means I am going to have to put my plans on hold until I am actually there. I have a couple of things in mind, so I am not super worried.
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    If your place is like mine, the apartment is very small, but it also has an outdoor storage shed thing. I store about half of the BoE owned stuff in there that I don't use.
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    We Jeeperneez are express all emotion through money. Wedding is happy money. Funeral is sad money. Izakaya is friendship money. Girl-bar is almost-sex money. But babby-borning is bery happy money, as no babby in Japan. All babby is special so we is givings much money as presento for babby.

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