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    Good afternoon, everyone! I've posted around here a little before, but I'm a short-lister from Nashville.

    I'm having a small problem with my CoH; February of last year, I sprained my knee badly, and had to go to physical therapy to treat it. The first doctor I saw recommended that I wait to see if it would heal on it's own, and between MRIs, other doctor's visits, and classes ending, I had to wait until July to begin physical therapy to heal it. Thankfully, it was healed by August.

    Unfortunately, when I was originally filling out the Self-assessed medical form, I forgot to mention when the physical therapy ended, and I only put that I hurt my knee in February, and that I had since undergone physical therapy and my knee was fully healed. On my CoH, the date that injury was healed was listed as August. It's worth noting, I also included the Physician's form in the initial application, although the doctor who signed off on it didn't note a date of recovery, just that I was fully healed.

    One of the things mentioned with the initial acceptance email was that any major discrepancies between the self-assessed medical form and CoH could result in rejection from the program. Since it's an error of timing, but I included the Physician's form in the original application packet, and the doctor who saw me for my knee originally was responsible for my CoH, I was assuming that it wouldn't be something that would prevent me from participating in the program.

    However, my problem is that I'm still unsure on whether or not I should email my JET coordinator, to make sure that it doesn't cause trouble in my VISA processing. I don't want to take up his time if I don't need to or if this isn't going to be an issue (goodness knows I sent him enough emails trying to complete the CoH in the first place), but I don't want any trouble with my VISA processing, either.

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    its fine. if you turned round and said "by the way I'm HIV positive" or "I have lung cancer and will need to start a course of kemo in August - soz for not mentioning it earlier" they might kick you out.
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    You'll be fine, you're already shortlisted and have a placement, it's too much hassle for them to kick you out now.

    Maybe worth giving the Embassy you applied through a call to explain your error and see if they require any additional information just for the sake of being open about it but otherwise I wouldn't be too panicked.

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