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    So in September I'll begin a year study abroad program at Waseda and in the meantime I have been thinking of ways to lesson my financial burden. I have enough money in savings/loans to cover my basic expenses but it would be nice to have a bit of spending money while I'm over there. Some people who have done the program before said that they did private English lessons on the side while they were over there, which is something that I am interested in considering that I plan on applying to JET/Interac after I am done getting my bachelors. With that said, my question is what is it that I can do now so that I can be an effective tutor and attract/retain students? I have looked over the teaching and lesson plan forum to get some ideas on what I should focus on and have talked to some of my native Japanese friends to get a feel for what I should study before I go. My Japanese language ability is limited which is something that I'm concerned about. Will this be a big issue? Also does anyone have experience with websites like my-sensei, and hello sensei and other private conversation websites? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    I hope your friends have permission to engage in part time work added to their visa and are paying all appropriate taxes....
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    One of the first things they told me was to apply for the part time work permit when I arrive, so I won't be doing anything under the table. Don't want to do anything that would get me deported.

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    The private websites won't help you much. I imagine you'd have better luck seeing if your school can set you up with tutoring jobs.
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