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Thread: Actually learning to drive in Japan

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    Default Actually learning to drive in Japan

    I see that there's a massive thread on passing tests to convert licenses, but in my case I don't have a license anywhere, and I'm already in Japan, so I can't pass a test in my homeland before I get here.

    How much of an expensive, time consuming and soul-crushing ordeal is it going to be to learn how to drive here?

    I'd put my Japanese ability as good enough to sign up for a school but not enough to actually sit tests in Japanese.

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    Default Re: Actually learning to drive in Japan

    5k-10k US and a few weeks should do it. Very easy. You should pass no problem.

    If you don't go through a driving school good luck.
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    Default Re: Actually learning to drive in Japan

    Is it really that much now? Last I heard it was around 3k USD.
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    Default Re: Actually learning to drive in Japan

    It's still 3k
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    Default Re: Actually learning to drive in Japan

    3k is the minimum. If you take longer than a month, then it'll cost more.

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    Default Re: Actually learning to drive in Japan

    Local driving school in Tohoku - special rate - 3万 for special test prep class (1hr.) Full course (20+ classroom hours and test prep) 30万.

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