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Thread: Advice for re-applying after withdrawal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mothy View Post
    Yeah what I said was so different than this.

    If you think this is what I said you have serious reading comprehension issues that can only be resolved through remedial classes. I know you didn't request the advice for remedial classes, so this may upset you as apparently carrying a conversation in a natural way to another point confuses and angers you. But I just urge you to keep calm, remember this advice comes from a place of love and concern for your well-being.

    May or may not. In situations like these it's best to consider consequences. For example. The man may or may not know that I mine my frontyard. Potential consequence if he does not know? Death. Potential consequence if he does know? None. It would be completely stupid of me not to say anything. If the OP already had this in mind, no harm done. My saying so, any sane person would agree, is merely in case of the more dangerous may not.
    Ok. I see where you were coming from. I'll remember not to stir the hornets nest again. Sorry to you, Mothy, for picking on your comment. I didn't intend it so personally but understand why it would be taken that way. We really were saying the same thing after all.


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    Default Re: Advice for re-applying after withdrawal?

    Great men of action never mind on occasion being ridiculous; in a sense it is part of their job.

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