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Thread: August Trip Dilemma

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    Hey guys,
    I really want to use my three extra days in August to go on a trip to Okinawa, but there is only one airplane ticket that almost fits my schedule. The ticket has a departure time at 11:45 AM on Friday, but I signed up for a week-long language camp which ends at around 12:30-1 on the same Friday.

    It`s annoying that I can`t find another ticket at all. Should I just skip a few hours on the last day, so I can have this vacation? It`s so hard to come by time where I can actually go somewhere else...It`s so frustrating that a lot of transport times in Japan are so few and inconvenient.

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    I recommend asking the language camp first to see if they'd be happy with you leaving early on the last day, finding out their answer and then deciding what you want to do from there.
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    A lot will depend on the schedule on that last day. If the closing ceremony is first thing, then the chances are the rest of the morning will be preparations to leave and you can probably get permission to leave. If the closing ceremony is the final thing before it finishes at 12-1pm, then there will be lots of teeth-sucking (meaning "no").
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