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Thread: CLAIR's Translation and Interpretation Course

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    I'm sure people have asked about this before, but since my supervisor's been on my case to apply or not before the deadline, and I'm notorioiusly wishy-washy with this sort of thing, I'm trying to gather as much information about the course as possible. Has anyone taken it before/recently? How was it? Horror stories, happy stories, anything you can share is welcome!

    I was hoping to try to take the N1 this December, which would be just one day before the 5-day conference this course requires. Which wouldn't be undoable. I'm a little worried about having too much to do, but maybe that wouldn't be the case...?

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    I've heard that the course is actually pretty good, especially compared to the regular CLAIR Japanese course. There does seem to be a lot of homework, and some BOEs are iffy about letting people take it since it costs money and involves going to that conference. I'd say go for it if you think you can handle it.

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    I am a little worried about the workload...but I should also probably push myself. :s

    EDIT: Ah well, so much for that. It looks like my BOE can't afford it this year after all.

    Thanks for your help, though!
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