Hi again everyone,

As we begin the new application cycle, there are a few things that I want to bring to the attention of those applying for this cycle. I know only a fraction of the 5000+ people who apply for the program every year actually read this site, but if I can reach even 100, it is well worth it.

1) Please make sure you write down the e-mail address you use most.
I cannot stress this enough. Many of the coordinators use e-mail as our main form of communication with JET applicants. We will use the phone also, but it is simply easier to send an e-mail addressed to all candidates rather than call each of them one by one. There are always e-mails that are bounced back, or applicants will not check the e-mail they write down on the application. This happens especially when applicants use .edu e-mail addresses. I know when I was a student, I rarely checked my college account. Do not fall into this trap. Please write an e-mail address that is either connected to your phone, or that you check every day.

2) Please be responsible with correspondence.
At our office, nothing is worse than being left in limbo because someone does not respond to an e-mail, or a phone call. I know everyone is busy, but I guarantee, there is 5 minutes in your day you can take to respond to our attempts to contact you. Let me share an experience I am going through right now. Tokyo contacted me on Friday (9/26) for an upgrade. They specially requested one of two people on my alternate list because of certain qualifications. The first person declined graciously, no problem. The second person I have been trying to get ahold of via e-mail and phone calls to see if she is willing to accept the offer. Of course, I know in the U.S., no response back usually means the person is not interested. This is simply not the case in Japan. They want to hear "Thanks, but no thanks." We are all adults here. Declining an offer should not be a big deal. It literally takes 2 minutes to write an e-mail. Do not be that person. Check your e-mail often, and respond back to calls. We are fortunate enough to live in a century of technological marvel where we are more connected than any previous generation. The excuse of "I didn't have time to respond" doesn't hold much weight most of the time. Please be responsible.

3) Follow directions.
The Embassy does a pretty good job of being very specific about directions for the application process, yet every year we are inundated with e-mails asking us things that are clearly stated on the website. If you are truly confused about something, by all means ask away. Please do not send us questions like "So, about the deadline...does it have to be post marked by 11/5 or on DCs desk by 11/5?" Really? These kinds of questions make me wanna flip some tables.

4) Don't be afraid to contact your coordinators directly.
We are here to help, and answer your questions. I would much rather you ask us questions than get incorrect information from the internet, or an untrustworthy source.

I am always available for PMs if you have a specific question you do not want to post on the public forum.

Good luck to this years 2015 applicants!