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Thread: Interview Locations for Those Living Abroad

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    Default Re: Interview Locations for Those Living Abroad

    If you have American citizenship, you can apply in the US - why would it matter whether you're in Japan on your Canadian passport?

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    Default Re: Interview Locations for Those Living Abroad

    It just seems like it would be a hassle changing the nationality on my resident card and any other paperwork that says I'm Canadian, trying to explain that I have been in living in Japan under a visa in my other passport, and having to file taxes in the US. My kids are also dependents under my current work visa so that would have to be changed too, except they are Canadian citizens so it's just too bloody complicated.

    I may have to pay an extra 500$ and sit in an airplane for 6 more hours to fly to Vancouver, but I think I'm willing to pay the price for my life being a little easier in the paperwork department.

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