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Thread: Clair Japanese Study course.

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    Default Re: Clair Japanese Study course.

    Right on. Thanks.

    And I don't think exchange groups and classes are useless, by any means. If you can sit down with someone and ask questions, and they're excited to answer, help, and practice, that's totally a good thing.
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    Formal study always helps too. When I don't know a kanji or word, often times I'll end up asking one of the Japanese (kokugo) teachers if a JTE isn't around. Or I'll have to look it up myself. Usually I just ask by whoever doesn't look busy sitting closest to me.

    Usually I freak out the teachers by not knowing some basic/simple kanji compound in comparison with being able to speak the language pretty well.

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    Is anyone taking a class this year? Apparently they changed it from the awful stuff last year and you can still register so I was wondering if it was any good.

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    i already declined a while ago lol
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    It looks a lot nicer, but I haven't heard anybody screaming about it on the facebook page like last year.

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    Well i'd guess the enrollment is way down due to last year being awful.

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    Well I signed up for the late term one, the class is completely different from the one last year. Seems to do a much better job of explaining things.

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    Damn I wish I had signed up for it now.
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    Having done about half the course I think it is pretty solid. The online textbook is pretty nice by itself but they also have videos for each grammar point explaining and giving examples (They also have a phone app). Uses way too much hiragana which is annoying but at least it isn't romaji I guess.

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