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    Quote Originally Posted by moonbeam View Post
    So going back to the limited words issues...I'm in the employment section and there's hardly any room to describe anything. I can't even type out the name of where I work because there's not enough room. I put in a report for Tech Support but they were a little useless and said to contact my 'institution'. Should I actually call the Jet office for this?
    There is not much the jet office can do. The amount of spacing is a result of uncompatibility between the original application we get sent from dc, and the format used by hobsons. There is not much they are going to tell you except to be as brief as you can. Abbreviate if you can, and do your best to fit as much as allowed.
    Anything I say here is my personal opinion. Always consult with your coordinator if you have any doubts, especially if you are applying from a country that is not the United States.

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    That's what I thought, thanks Miami.

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