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    While JET is definitely my first choice program, I'm very determined to make it to Japan by fall of 2015. Right now, I'm also an ECC applicant and have an interview lined up for them next month. I've done way too much research on eikawa (though I guess concerning eikawa, there is never enough research to be done!), and it seems like ECC is probably my best bet since I haven't seen anything too detrimentally negative concerning them other than your standard eikawa 'business-first' attitude. They also have a pretty great paid-vacation package compared to many others if I'm not mistaken? Come January/April (whenever I figure out what's happening with JET), I may apply for more companies, depending on how ECC has worked out.

    I'm wondering if anyone has recently been with/interviewed for ECC? Quite a bit of the info I've found online is pretty dated, so I'd love to hear about some more recent experiences!

    I'm mostly curious about how the contract works. I know you don't actually sign a contract with them until after you complete training in Japan. I know that once you're hired, they just tell you 'you are going to Japan' and it typically takes a few months to find a placement for you. They already know based on my application that I'm interested in going to Japan next August, so I'm suspecting that I hypothetically wouldn't be placed until springtime (hopefully!). I'm just really irrationally nervous that if I get accepted into ECC, I'd have to accept that offer before I find out my situation with JET - obviously if I were to be accepted into JET, I'd go with that option. I just don't want to be locked into a committment or contract before I figure out my JET situation.

    I know a lot of people like to have alternatives to JET, so I'm wondering if any of you have been in this type of situation before and how you handled it?

    Thanks a lot!

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    There's an ECC in my area. Which employs a native Japanese speaker who speaks maybe 100 words of English as the teacher... but it's only for juku classes. According to the teacher, it doesn't pay very well - about the same as working in a restaurant full time. Although I bet the hours are better.

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    Haha what? That's kind of funny... wonder how that works. I know the pay is normal for an eikawa so I'm not super concerned about that... its 252000/mo which is more or less the same as competitors. Not great, but enough! Hours are sort of weird, but again... eikawa. It's mostly afternoon/night classes, although I guess if you like sleeping in, it could be nice!

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