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Thread: Weird issue with physician's form

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    Default Weird issue with physician's form

    Hi there,

    i have a small issue with my physician's form.

    Because I currently live a distance away from my primary physician, I had to fax the form in for completion. The result is that the printed form has a very photocopied look. However, all the information included on it is original and hand written. But the information was written in black ink, so the entire form looks photocopied. Unless you look closely or on the back of the form where the ink/printing marks show through, a person's first impression might be to think the entire form is a copy of the original.

    Obviously I want to avoid this and am considering including a post it note on the form explaining that it is not a copy. Do you think this would be ok?


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    Default Re: Weird issue with physician's form

    I don't think this will be a problem. I think it's fairly common to check the back of a form to verify if a form was handwritten. A post it note might be a little extra insurance, but probably not necessary.

    I don't understand what set of circumstances led to this situation though. Did you not go to your GP for the medical exam? You could have emailed the PDF to your doctor to print out herself too, instead of faxing. If you're in the us, you still have time to do this and have the doctor mail it back to you to be absolutely sure.

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