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Thread: Recontract?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hithere4 View Post
    If you don't mind me asking, what do you do in Tokyo? I'm always interested to see what JETs end up doing after their time, especially ones who keep a connection with Japan...
    Fall has not been around for a few months now, but when I met up with him in the summer he was working for a company that deals in mobile phones... (but then that might have been his girlfriends job.. can't remember now)
    Accepted with Interac on 13th May 2014
    Upgraded with JET on 7th October 2014...

    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas_Simmons View Post
    shit, i've realize that i picked the wrong time to reply directly the thread's original question...

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyjoy View Post
    What is it with people who can't spend a few minutes alone with their own thoughts? If my job was literally to sit in the BOE all day five days a week, I'd recontract five years without skipping a beat. Who has time to be bored these days?
    It's a "kids these days" of those things they won't understand until they've had a salaried position, started a family or been incarcerated. The possibilities of what one could do with two free days a week are endless to those who have ever had the other five taken from them.

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