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Thread: Question regards the self declared medical form.

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    Default Re: Question regards the self declared medical form.

    Quote Originally Posted by miamicoordinator View Post
    Just to chime in here. SF has made it pretty clear what the official stance on these things are and what will happen if you are caught lying.

    I will say one thing here about Japan and marijuana. Marijuana is viewed as one of the worst drugs in Japan. Medical marijuana does not exist in Japan, and it would not be understood over there. I am sure a large majority of the applicants who apply for JET have tried some recreational drugs in their lifetime, but they don't bring it up in the interview. I noticed you said you were in the royal navy, which I guess means you will be applying in the UK? I can tell you one thing though, the Royal Navy may have strict protocols against past medical conditions, but they don't hold a candle against Japan.

    The only thing that really concerns me is that you said that the marijuana usage is on your medical history. I am unfamiliar with how deep the British CoH goes, but the U.S. one asks for quite a bit of info.
    Stereotype much MC?
    And the medical form just asks for chest x-ray, urine samples, and that. I believe its the same form as the US one as it has many USturns of phrase regarding some of the requirements. For the mental health, the Dr should just list that you had depression but not the reason. Would they list other reasons for causing depression? But as always, check with your doctor. Ask them what they would say on the follow up form.
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    shit, i've realize that i picked the wrong time to reply directly the thread's original question...

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    Default Re: Question regards the self declared medical form.

    Quote Originally Posted by sharpinthefang View Post
    Stereotype much MC?
    Nah, i don't think so. I didn't say that the majority of applicants were drugs addicts. Just that my opinion is that the majority 21-40 year olds have at least tried some form of recreational drugs in their lifetime. Of course there are people who never have tried a drug in their life ever, but those are the minority generally speaking.
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    Default Re: Question regards the self declared medical form.

    I think you should include it and mention it.
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    When I read your post I suddenly feel like I am so far away from being crazy.
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    It's festivals days like these on which I really try really hard to make up for not partying in college.
    yeah, because who needs free flowing drugs and alcohol fueling adventorous sex with taut, lithe young bodies when you could wander around a dying town in the freezing cold with a can of asahi super dry in your hand while some toothless old farmer shouts at you.

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