Hello ITIL,

I work for a real estate agency based in Nakano that leases apartments and guesthouse rooms to foreigners and Japanese. I posted here the last time we were looking for staff and had a nice result – quite a few people got in touch, we interviewed some nice applicants and ended up employing one. I’m hoping that we can have similar luck again!

There are a couple of things to note…the first is that it’s a genuine offer of employment and if you have any questions about the role or the company feel free to get in touch on PM for more information. We can put serious candidates in touch with former employees.

The second thing is that “real estate agency” might bring up some unsavory associations for you but if you’re looking for work in Tokyo different to English teaching, please keep an open mind about it. None of the staff here fit the cold-blooded sales type profile; we all have different work backgrounds (ALT, advertising, technical support, university admin) and university majors (including geography, philosophy, design, English). We’re looking for a good fit rather than a sales professional.

Below this post I’ll paste the job ad as it appears in various forums and classifieds. If you’re looking for non-teaching work in Tokyo or know somebody who might be, please get in touch!


Nakano-based real estate agency looking for foreign staff. We need competent, versatile and reliable all-rounders. If you would like a change from teaching English please consider this opportunity. Sales experience not necessary. Duties include:

  • tending to telephone, email and office inquiries from new and existing clients
  • networking online or in person to introduce new clients to the company
  • liaising with construction and cleaning staff to maintain our properties
  • moving furniture and other light home maintenance tasks
  • driving clients to our properties for showings
  • setting up and photographing new properties
  • office administration tasks

Salary is on par with a good eikaiwa salary, new hires have two consecutive weekdays off and transport fees are reimbursed. Salary, benefits and roster will be discussed in full at interview with serious candidates.

The ideal candidate will meet the following selection criteria:

  • have fluent English, Japanese to an intermediate level or above and ideally proficiency in one or more other languages;
  • have a college or university education in any field;
  • have a Japanese driving license or an International Driving Permit;
  • provide references from former employers and have a record of steady prior employment;
  • be able to draft correspondence, speak in the appropriate register to clients and colleagues and handle themselves professionally in a business environment;
  • be able to prioritise tasks and plan ahead of time, keep accurate records and quickly learn their way around the company’s administration system;
  • be able to go out of their comfort zone and learn about all aspects of the business.

Applicants should address the selection criteria listed above in a one or two page document and include this in addition to a cover letter and CV.