I'm an ex (Kagoshima) JET visiting Fukushima to research for an article I am writing for a sake brewery. I am on a very low budget and am looking for a place to stay in Nihonmatsu or Koriyama on the evening of the 18th February. There are some cheap business hotels near the station in Koriyama station which would work. But I was wondering if there were any JETs who might live in the local area who could give me some tips on best cheap places to stay and places to eat/drink authentic but cheap local food and sake. I obviously have very limited time but would like to get a rough idea of the local area.
Any information anyone could give me about local food specialties and local culture/history would also be useful to get a gist of the area. Anything really! I was a JET 9 years ago, so although I am trying to brush up my Japanese prior to the visit-it is very basic.
Many Thanks!