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Thread: Linkback email spam

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    Default Linkback email spam

    People (myself included) were getting spammed with emails reporting that a new linkback had been created in a thread they had participated in.

    I have disabled this feature until I figure out what is causing linkbacks to be created for sites that don't even exist any more (e.g. bigdaikon).

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    Default Re: Linkback email spam

    Update: This appears to be related to a critical vulnerability in VBSeo that was found a few days ago. Even with the fix in place, it appears the only solution is to remove VBSeo completely. It is no longer supported and vulnerabilities are being found with no proper fixes being developed.

    What does this mean to you? Well, the friendly URLs like /forum/JET will now become the default of /showforum.php?f=13 or similar.

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    Default Re: Linkback email spam

    Update 2: An alternative has been enabled. As this is a MAJOR change to how the forum works, I do expect things will be broken (ie. page not found etc).

    Please let me know if you see anything like this.

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    Default Re: Linkback email spam

    Major page 404 issues.
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    Default Re: Linkback email spam

    Post the URLs

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    Default Re: Linkback email spam

    Goddammit, I just got another linkback email. The script is totally disabled so this is a pain in the backside.

    Edit: OK, the script has been totally deleted now. unless emails are queued, that should be the end of it.
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    Bingo. Balls.


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    Old Snow wouldn't have said that.
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    Down to 839 now. All genuine thread post alerts. It'll take a while for them to send out.


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