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    one other question Randomgirl, does it seem like your daughter is well accepted in the group? my kids are blonde! so I know they are going to stick out. I worry about over attention as well as bullying.

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    Yes, though it was tough at first because she understood and spoke some Japanese. The other kids were too young to get that she wasn't fluent, so when she misunderstood the rules for games and such, they'd hit her or call her names. But I am in a small town, and I teach at her school, so I think most of the kids were told by their parents to be nice. Now, I am friends with the parents too (join the PTA or hang out at the playground!). I also teach her teachers' kids, so everyone is very nice to us, lol! She is different here, but she's different back home too. I figure that, to some extent, learning to cope with/ deal with her reactions to bullies is a life skill. She'll now come home and say that "so and so kun called her baka, but he's not nice to anyone, so he's probably the baka one." Stuff like that. I'm not sure the level of bullying here is different from back home, tbh. There is a certain cachet to being foreign, though being based in Okinawa, you might come up against some people with strong views about foreigners based on their encounters (and those of ancestors) with the military. Offer it as an opportunity to educate yourself, your kids, and others, and things will work out!

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