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Thread: Japan and Phones

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    Yeah but 6S just came out, so I see why this person wouldn't wanna trash a new phone a year after getting it. I think it's arguably less stressful to get a 2-year sim plan and if you end up leaving before the contract is up you only owe like 1-2man in cancellation fees, versus paying off an entire phone on top of that that you prob can't even use at home.

    I did the subsidized plan and I'm planning staying 2 years at least so I'm cool with it, but for people who don't know or are on the fence and already have a good unlocked phone from home, I say go for it.
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    Ini, I totally agree with ya, but the new mvno plans that are available are quite a bit cheaper than the standard subsidized plans available from the incumbent carriers. Especially given they fuck you for some "calling plan" bs and other malarkey that you can't cancel without destroying your phone subsidy.

    Also the mvno have the old packet hodai of 7gb with slow speeds unlike the new ones which is 5(or 8 with a shared plan) and then charge you by the gig.
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    I'm still suspicious of mvno's..... Docomo has the fact they are everywhere going for them, Au has the girls in the orange miniskirts, softbank has the robot from rocky 3 working in its stores. What does DMM have apart from suspicious looking handsets from dodgy Chinese manufacturers and the ability to earn points you can redeem against your next adult DVD purchase?
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    One advantage to using a foreign Iphone 6s over a Japanese iPhone 7 or whatever could be the lack of compulsory shutter sound. Sure it sounds creepy but I assume at least half of us are not creepers while on the bus.

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    y u takin pics on the bus creep

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