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Thread: Who is the most "successful" JET alum you can think of?

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    Default Re: Who is the most "successful" JET alum you can think of?

    Yeah, I actually agree with you Word, I was just trying to clarify what I thought Greyjoy's argument was. Essentially he was saying you might be misjudging the mood of your friends. I can't speak to his motives, but he likes taking jabs at me too. So I get it.

    That's why I mentioned that you know your friends. That means two things. Firstly, as we've discussed, you know them better. You have a better read on their body and facial language.

    More importantly, you tell me that you have a long and deep relationship with them. That means you probably talk with one another. Your relationship with your friends likely fosters and encourages honesty. That means you're far, far less likely to misjudge their mood as you would some random schmo you might see sitting in a Starbucks.
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    Teach them something new?? Are you mad? All you do in Japan is rehash the same stuff over and over for 15 years. Hello song, what do you like sports? and fruit basket. The holy trinity of English education.

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    Default Re: Who is the most "successful" JET alum you can think of?

    Gotcha, Word. The post you just quoted was actually after you called me out, but anyway, what I was saying is that people need to be aware that they don't know everything about other people, and I wasn't addressing you when I said that.
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