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    If you spend over a certain amount (I want to say maybe 15,000 yen or so) at Nitori, they should deliver and set up your furniture for free. I went to the Nitori store an hour south and picked out a bed and frame and we arranged a delivery day. It went well, with the exception of the crew arriving about an hour earlier than their projected start time. I second asking people in your area if they have anything they could give you or sell you cheaply. You'd be surprised what people have. My pred left me with no silverware or pots/pans, but an abundance of mugs, cups, and plates that I passed on to others.
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    A note on Nitori: depending on when you arrive, it might be right around Obon (a holiday that lasts a few days). I ordered a bed the first day I got to my placement, but because of the holiday and a lot of other deliveries they had to make, I couldn't actually get the bed for two weeks. Also, I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but make sure to make point cards any chance you get. The amount I spent at Nitori let me accumulate and use a decent amount in points.

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