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Thread: Banks, Phones, etc

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    Default Banks, Phones, etc

    Sorry if this type of thread has been made before (if so feel free to delete/lock this and link me to it), but I was wondering what most JETs did about banks, debit/credit cards, and phones.

    Should I buy a phone in Japan or get a different sim card or type of international plan?

    Do most people inform their banks they will be in Japan for 1+ years, or do they open up bank accounts at a Japanese bank when they get there?

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    Default Re: Banks, Phones, etc

    You buy a phone in Japan. Using another phone is a hassle that isn't worth it.

    You inform your bank AND open up a Japanese Bank account. Most people keep the home account to pay off student loans and the like.

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    Phones are pretty usually always bought in Japan. It's much easier than arguing with the phone carrier about getting a sim.

    Banks are set up by your boss on your first or second day in your city. It's mandatory for your paychecks because they're auto deposited. You can keep you bank back home to send money, but you will need to tell them that you're in Japan for a year.

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    Personally what I did last year was

    -Bring a credit card from overseas so I could set up a phone
    -Buy a new phone here because, as has been said enough, trying to use an old phone isn't worth the effort (and I needed a new phone anyways)
    -Set up a bank account, which required me to have a phone number and home address.

    Since I saw you mention in another thread you were placed in Tokyo, I will say that there is a fairly high chance you will be left on your own to get a bank account. The problem surfaces when a) you need a bank account to pay for your phone bill and b) you need a phone to create a bank account. For me, this wasn't a problem because I just registered my phone to my Credit Card from Canada and switched it to pay out of my bank account afterwards, but if you don't have your own credit card that works in Japan you might have difficulty here.

    And yes, as has already been said, you most definitely require a Japanese account. Inform your current bank you're leaving for a while and open a new one here.

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