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Thread: Ebi's Guide: MS Word Tech Support

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebi View Post
    To my knowledge, nope. And I was very thorough in my search. Is that what you're stuck using?

    I have Word 2003 on my home computer and you have my condolences...
    Yes, it appears all the teachers use 2003 still. They seem okay with the idea of me working on my personal laptop though.

    Thanks for the guide anyway. It's really well done.

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    Oh wait. Apparently that's not the case. Some teachers run 2007. They're going to see if they can get that for me. Is it possible on 2007?

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    I want to say yes, but I went from 2003 at home to 2010 at work so I can't say for certain.

    But check out the options settings and it might be in there. From my limited time using MS Word 2007 in my computer labs at school, I think the layout is fairly similar to 2010.

    And thanks! I really want to get back to working on this and my lesson guide thing but I got massively sidetracked by work/life. The stupidly hot weather hasn't helped my motivation either.

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    It's a shame it's not 2007 on the computer, as I could get you the language pack for it.
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